About proyect

Grid is PHP class that allows modifications, insertions, deletions and display rows in a table implemented width Interbase/Firebird Database.


  • CRUD operations (Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete) in a table.
  • Data validation with JavaScript.
  • Paginator.
  • Edit Blob fields with rich editor.
  • Filters and columns autofilters.
  • Ordering.
  • Easy configuration.

Mini HowTo

FBGrid class use

To use simply add the following includes:

include("grid.php"); include("util.php");

To insert a grid, create a instance of the grid as follows:

$myGrid = new grid ($host, $username, $password, $table);

$host: name of the database to consult width format ip:path_to_bd\bd_name.fdb
$username: username
$password: password
$table: name of the table