Mini HowTo

FBGrid class use

To use simply add the following includes:

include("grid.php"); include("util.php");

To insert a grid, create a instance of the grid as follows:

$myGrid = new grid ($host, $username, $password, $table);

$host: name of the database to consult width format ip:path_to_bd\bd_name.fdb
$username: username
$password: password
$table: name of the table


Editing Employee table from Firebird Database example.
$pathImagen = '../images/'; $host = '\Archivos de programa\Firebird\Firebird_1_5\examples\EMPLOYEE.FDB'; //$host = '\Archivos de programa\Firebird\Firebird_2_0\examples\empbuild\EMPLOYEE.FDB'; $username = 'SYSDBA'; $password = 'masterkey'; //Create instance $miGrilla= new grid($host,$username,$password,'PROJECT'); //Path where are used images $miGrilla->rutaImagenes($pathImagen); //If debug is needed, uncomment next line //$miGrilla->debuger(); //Difine table title $miGrilla->titulo('Proyects'); //Define titles of columns $miGrilla->encabezados(array('Proyect ID','Proyect Name','Proyect Description','Team Leader','Product')); //Define table fields that are not visible $miGrilla->camposNoVisibles(array('PROJ_DESC')); //Number of records in page $miGrilla->paginador(20); //Define autofilters $miGrilla->autofiltro('TEAM_LEADER'); //Define ComboBox. Must be foreign key $miGrilla->campoLookUp('TEAM_LEADER',"LAST_NAME || ', ' || FIRST_NAME"); //Define order by default $miGrilla->campoOrden('PROJ_NAME',1); //Filds hints $miGrilla->hints('PRODUCT',"Must be: 'software', 'hardware', 'other', 'N/A'"); //Filter that make WHERE in table $miGrilla->filtro("PRODUCT IN ('software', 'hardware')", "Software and Hardware Products"); //Finaly show grid $miGrilla->mostrar();